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Bare It All Contour Personal Shaver & Trimmer - Pubic/Body Groomer
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Bare It All Contour Personal Shaver & Trimmer - Pubic/Body Groomer

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Bare It All MK 3 - Rechargeable pubic & personal shaver with retractable trimmer for trimming stray hairs. The latest in unisex personal shaving & body hair removal. smooth as waxing, no itch & no red bumps or ingrown hairs if used according to instructions. Gentle hair removal for bikini lines, legs, facial hair or intimate areas - as smooth as waxing & far cheaper. 2 year Guarantee At 3 cents a shave, it costs far less than other messy hair removal methods, such as waxing, eplilators, laser hair removal, or depilatory cremes, all of which may damage burn or irritate the skin. * The Bare It All electric personal shaver & trimmer is safer and more effective than epilators, threading or sugaring and can save more than it costs in one or two salon visits. Shaving with this shaver needs a new technique than wet razor blade shaving but CANNOT make the hair grow back thicker and faster. This is a medical fact. Ask any doctor. * Larger battery lasts for one hour before recharging. Other personal shavers only last 30 minutes between charging. * The Mk 3 shaver has a larger, stronger more powerful motor than any other shaver in its class * Built in slide out retractable trimmer for removing longer stray hairs prior to shaving. * Micro switch to prevent accidental turn on when the foil has been removed for cleaning * Auto shut off to prevent damage if shaver is left charging longer than recommended * Larger foil and larger blades which mean you can cut quicker than the smaller shavers. This foil has more holes than the 5 headed electric shavers for faster shaving. * Rotary shaving action means you can maneuver in cracks and crevices of the body unlike broad shavers & trimmers. * Specially designed foil with different sized foil holes for different hair types, means you can shave any part of the body - safely and pain free with no ingrown hairs and as close as a blade. * 2 year limited warranty (formerly known as the Hair eRazor)


Rechargeable All in One Personal Shaver & Trimmer

Faster more powerful motor for trimming, grooming and removing any unwanted body hair - male or female

Shaver power cell 4 times bigger than others, gives 500 hours of shaving, with 60 minutes of shave time between charging. Others personal shavers do not come close. Universal voltage Can be Used Worldwide, No cords, Charging Stands, Voltage Converters Needed

FREE Velour Carry Pouch, Styling Comb & Shaver Oil INCLUDED!!

No Itch, Red Bumps Or Ingrown Hairs

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.5 inches
Product Width: 1.5 inches
Product Height: 4.5 inches
Product Weight: 0.44 pounds
Package Length: 5.5 inches
Package Width: 4.0 inches
Package Height: 2.0 inches
Package Weight: 0.44 pounds
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