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Body Bare Charging Plug for the Body Bare Shaver
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Body Bare Charging Plug for the Body Bare Shaver



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Each Body Bare Shaver comes with 1 plug free. This little guy is a great purchase. Maybe your cat took your first plug and used it as a toy? Maybe you left your original in a hotel room while on vacation. What ever the case may be, we suggest buying a spare with your current purchase just in case. It is a great item to have.


Replacement USA style charger plug

Designed for the Body Bare shaver

Great to have on hand while traveling

Product Details:
Package Length: 3.6 inches
Package Width: 1.3 inches
Package Height: 0.7 inches
Package Weight: 0.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1 reviews
Label Information:
Indications: Shaver Accessories
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