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Cleancut Personal Shaver and Model PS335 T Handle Trimmer
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Cleancut Personal Shaver and Model PS335 T Handle Trimmer



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The Cleancut Model ES412 Personal Shaver has never been improved upon. Still the best Personal/Pubic Shaver on the market today, bar none. Manufactured in Japan. With the Cleancut ES412, you know you are getting a superior quality product. Buy quality and you won't be disappointed. You want a shaver that really works. The ES412 Cleancut uses a proprietary etching process to manufacture its foil heads. Not just punched steel, the thin, flexible etched head on the ES412 Cleancut is designed to be far superior at picking up hairs. You can safely use the Cleancut anywhere (except legs and abs) on your body. Underarms, Bikini Line, French "landing strip" or even a Brazilian "take it all off" style, you can do it all with the ES412 Cleancut. The Cleancut is a shaver and will only cut hair of stubble length (like a 5 O'Clock growth of a man's beard.) You'll need a good trimmer, at least for your first shave, to get you to stubble length. If you don't have one at home that's up to the job, consider this combo which includes the Cleancut and PS335 Trimmer. Its ultra fine comb style cutting head is designed to remove hair without pulling, cutting or pinching. The same quality as the ES412 Cleancut Shaver. Same One Year Parts and Workmanship Guarantee. Cleaning brush and instruction manual are included. C-Cell battery required for ES412 Shaver (not included.) AA battery not included with PS335 Trimmer. Use of baby powder as a dry lubricant required (not included). The DVD shows the use of the Body Bare however the Cleancut or any personal shaver can follow along with these instructions with the same results. Includes instruction for the personal shaver, behind the scenes pics, short movie and cleaning and maintenance instruction including blade adjustment and lubrication.


Complete personal shaver set

Offers an irritation free shaving experience

Designed for both men and women

Includes cleaning and maintenance supplies

Comes with easy to follow instructions

Product Details:
Package Length: 7.3 inches
Package Width: 5.4 inches
Package Height: 2.8 inches
Package Weight: 0.1 pounds
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