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Foil Screen fits Remington SP-40 XLR Series Shavers
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Foil Screen fits Remington SP-40 XLR Series Shavers

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Fits Models: XLR500, 8DCF-2, XLR700, XLR710, 6MF1-K, XLR800, XLR810, 6MF1, XLR900, XLR920, XLR930, 9BF2-1C, XLR1000, 6MF1, XLR1010, 8MF1, XLR2000, 5MF1, XLR2500, 8BF2-1C, XLR3000, 5BF1, MM300, 5DCF2 XLR-810 XLR810 XLR-930 XLR930 5BF1 6MF1 300 XLR300 XLR-300 700 XLR-700 800 XLR-800 900 XLR900 1000 XLR-1000 2000 XLR-2000 3000 XLR-3000 GTX-3000 GTX3000 GTX-2000 GTX2000 GTX-1000 GTX1000 GTX-900 GTX900 GTX-800 GTX800 GTX-700 GTX700, GTX-300, GTX300

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