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My Shower Flower Shaving Can Cover - 2 Pack
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My Shower Flower Shaving Can Cover - 2 Pack



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The Shower Flower fits on the bottom of shaving cream cans, protecting surfaces from the unsightly stains that otherwise appear in your bath, shower or under cabinets. With its unique flower pattern and beautiful array of colors, the Shower FlowerTM further enhances the ambiance of relaxation and beauty you want while you take time to pamper yourself. My Shower Flower is a unique product designed specifically for stopping rust and tile chips in your shower. We all know that our cans of shaving cream can easily rust and leave behind hard to clean rust and grime in our showers. My Shower Flower prevents any of these annoying things from happening. This product comes in a 2 pack, one smaller size for smaller cans, and a larger size for larger cans. Fits almost any can in your bathroom and around the house. Can also be used on household cleaning products to prevent rust inside your cabinets! Constructed of a Long Lasting Durable Polymer with a 100% Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee! Available in assorted colors.


Ever get tired of scrubbing to remove those stubborn rust stains from your shaving cream can?

2 Sizes in each pack fit almost any can in your bathroom

Constructed of Long Lasting Durable Polymer to protect your shower and tile!

Stop Tile Chips & Rust in the shower cans can leave

Lifetime Guarantee!

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